Advaita Vedanta

The Teaching of Sri
Atmananda Krishna Menon

on Advaita Vedanta

  1. Universal and Individual – the ‘cosmological’ and ‘direct’ paths.
  • The three states – enquiry from everyday experience.
  • ‘I am consciousness’ (‘Prajnyanam asmi’) – reflection back into the ‘I’.
  • Witness of thoughts – change and the changeless.

– Consciousness and Enlightenment
– Memory
– Higher and Lower Reason
– Knowing
– Further Comments on Deep Sleep

5. All objects point to consciousness – ‘Existence has the chair.’

6. Happiness – not in objects or the mind, but coming from the real ‘I’.
– Love and Devotion
7. The background – where all experiences arise, abide and subside.
8. Merging back – ‘Sleep in consciousness.’
– Some Questions